It has been a while…

Sorry for the delay in my posts! I have been SOOOOO BUSY with my new job. I have also stopped working out. (Not great). I’m hoping to start again soon, but I’m basically living in survival mode at the moment. I have not actually gained that much weight. I weighed myself this morning and I weigh 183.2. I’m pretty proud that I have not let it get out of hand like it would have previously. Living in Chicago is pretty expensive, so I have had to adapt to this by trimming my expenses. Unfortunately this means I stopped paying for Noom. The bright side is that my Fitbit app has a calorie counting feature that works similarly. I just need to force myself to use it all day long and not just for breakfast and lunch. My commute home is long, so by the time I get home all bets are off for food. It also doesn’t help that since my parents are not trying to watch their weight (and I live with them) that there is plenty of junk food available to me. I am working on using my self control and avoiding the junk food. The first month of this new teaching job has been very trying as I am having to do a complete overhaul of my former teaching strategies. My students are nonverbal, so I need visuals for EVERYTHING I teach. This is very time consuming. If anybody has any advice for teaching young students (Kindergarten) with Autism, please share them!! I have to get my stress levels under control before I can start to try to lose weight again. Life is full of ups and downs and I am being gentle with myself during this difficult time. My mom’s health has also been a roller coaster and that is not helping with the stress levels. I will try to post again soon.

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