Just a quick note explaining my absence

Sorry for being so absent from the blog! I am in Northern Michigan with my family right now. We have been up here since Sunday. We have limited access to internet. I know that I did not post my weight on Monday like I usually do. I did not bring a scale with me on vacation. I think sometimes it is okay to take a break and relax. I have been trying to do well with my eating habits, but it is difficult when your family stocks the kitchen with junk food! (I need to work harder to mentally withstand the pressure). I am still drinking my lemon water and trying to eat regular meals each day. Getting on the scale this coming Monday is not going to pleasant, but I promise I will do it! I will be back in the swing of things next week.

IMG_4998 Sunset on Lake Michigan in Good Hart (the view from our cottage) My family has been renting this cottage for 17 years, and I have not been up here since 2007!

I don’t look thin in my bikini, but I can’t beat myself up over it. I am choosing to enjoy this time with my family, and celebrate the fact that I am healthy. I need to be grateful for all the wonderful things in my life instead of miserable because I’m not at goal weight yet.


Also big shout out to Ashley Graham and her Swimsuits for All clothing line. I actually feel like I can go to the beach and celebrate my body and my progress with a swimsuit that is actually flattering for my body type.

I’ll be back either this weekend or Monday at the latest with updates and a picture of my weekly weigh in.



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