A bummer, but only a bump in the road

I have been soooooo busy this week. Things are not slowing down any time soon. We are leaving this afternoon for Rochester, New York, to visit our good friend Elisabeth before we move to Chicago. Very excited to see her!

What’s the bump? The bump is that I had this gut feeling that I may have gained a little bit of weight back since last week. My suspicions were valid, because I now weigh 172 pounds as of this morning. I’m definitely bummed about this, but I know that dropping 3 pounds in one week is not realistic. I think some of the weight that I lost last week was water weight from sweating so much during our hike.

I also was not as careful with eating regularly during the day as I have been previously and on more than one night this week I ate my dinner at like 8 or 9. I try not to eat very much after 7 pm because I know that I do tend to gain weight when I eat later in the evening. I also don’t sleep as well when I eat later, because I haven’t had as much time to digest my food.

I am frustrated that I gained a pound back, but I know that I cannot let this discourage me. It’s those pesky fat cells again. The rule of thumb for sustainable weight loss is to lose no more than 2 pounds per week. Otherwise you are basically restricting your food intake in a way that is extreme and once you start eating a little more, the weight will find its way back immediately. I also have to remember that weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% how much you move.

I have to be gentle with myself, because weight loss is actually not best depicted with a graph of the slope trending steadily downward. It is actually full of ups and downs. If I try to restrict myself so much, I will just end up exhausted and frustrated. Slow and steady wins the race. That is why I have to remind myself that this is a lifestyle change. As long as I keep going with my healthy habits and do my best I will achieve my goal. No one ever said it would be easy!

On a separate note, I would like to share a picture of the Margarita Cupcakes that I made for Elisabeth (they’re her favorite):


Margarita Cupcakes


I am usually much tighter with piping frosting, but we have to get on the road soon and I didn’t have time for the cupcakes to cool completely. Why make cupcakes after I just posted about gaining a pound back? Baking is a hobby of mine. When I am making something special for someone else I’m actually not tempted by the food. I feel more satisfaction watching my friends eat my treats and enjoy them than I actually do from eating them myself.

I’ll be back on Sunday to share about my trip to Rochester. Have a great weekend!

One thought on “A bummer, but only a bump in the road

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