My two cents on “cheat days”

A friend sent me a link to a post on the Verily lifestyle blog about cheat days. I agree with everything in the post. I think it is important to take a break from a routine, but not so much of a break that you wind up undoing progress you have made. I think the way that they talk about “rebranding” cheat days and calling them “human days” is great. Personally, I don’t believe in “cheat days.” I believe in moderation, which is also something they touch on in the article. I don’t deprive myself of anything, so there is no need for me to binge at all. I used to deprive myself and then overindulge in a never ending cycle. The whole point of my “this is not a diet” schtick is that I am not limiting myself or being overly rigid about the food I eat. If I want a darn S’More I’m going to have a darn S’More. I’m just not going to eat 10 of them in a row and then sit on the couch all day.

I also like the fact that they mention that days that are different from our usual routine do not have to be food-centric. This is crucial, because weight loss and being healthy cannot be my entire life. I need to be a well rounded human being and that means having hobbies and being social. I used to hide from the world and tell myself I would hang out with friends again and enjoy life again after reaching my goal weight. The problem with that is that it is not just a quick thing to lose even 10 pounds let alone 48 pounds. I was basically punishing myself continuously for not being perfect. I feel like losing weight the healthy way, the way that ensures that you are addressing the root problem, is a gradual process.


I was so depressed last year that I didn’t even want to see anyone on my birthday. Shout out to my friends who wouldn’t let me be a hermit.


Gradual means that it is not going to happen in a month or even three months. It is going to take a long time to get it right. Feeling happy with yourself and your struggle is what makes the struggle worth while. The journey is part of the beauty of the process. I am writing this blog to share the nitty gritty reality of weight loss and the struggle to be healthy. It is not easy and honestly for the most part extremely unglamorous. I am doing this to put my story out there so that maybe someone like me somewhere else in the world does not have to feel so alone or intimidated by “glowing up” their lifestyle and embracing moderation and healthy habits.

On another note, I tried to find more full body pictures of myself at my heaviest in 2016 and I literally could not find anything, because I was in full hermit mode and limiting my interaction with other people. Not a fun time, and I completely empathize with anyone who feels/has felt this way.

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