Speaking of Pinterest trends…I’m all about the bullet journal “habit trackers”

I know, I know. Bullet journaling is silly, because it’s basically just journaling. Whatever, y’all- you can throw shade if you want. I enjoy doing it, and that is all that matters to me. I like doodling with purpose! I don’t do much with my bullet journal other than track my habits. This habit tracking is soothing,


creative and methodical all at once. I love it, because I can literally pin point the times I have not been maintaining my healthy habits. The picture above is my actual habit tracker from June. As you can see I have not been meditating very much. That is something that I am really working on this month. I also have adjusted the goal to do it just two minutes per day. Once I have the hang of two minutes per day, I can increase it from there. There is a lesson that I learned from visually seeing my lack of meditating on the tracker. I then was able to analyze why I haven’t been doing it, and set a realistic goal to incorporate it into my daily routine. I feel like I am more motivated to engage in healthy behaviors since I have been bullet journaling. It’s silly, but coloring in the squares is actually very satisfying. It also is a visual reinforcement of the positive lifestyle I have adopted in place of older, less healthy habits. If you are a visual person and like holding yourself accountable for meeting your goals, then bullet journaling might be something to consider or try. I love it!


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