Stay busy and create structure for yourself

While I have not been teaching since the end of the school year or actually a little earlier than that since I took a brief leave of absence to help take care of my mother who was just recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and a separate primary lung cancer in May, I have been keeping busy. I have a lot on my mind right now. I’ve also started to exercise again.


About to do some cardio! My apartment complex has a gym, which is really convenient.

I used to work out (cardio 6 days per week and resistance training 2 times per week), but I stopped doing it in January when I overhauled my eating habits. I could not eat less and keep up the same level of activity all at once. I stopped working out regularly until June. Since school is over I have started to get back into it. Exercising has filled some of my free time, which is good. I find that when I have unstructured time and I’m not keeping a to do list handy, I tend to focus on snacking. I start craving ridiculous snacks. This tells me that some of my poor eating habits stem from what some people would term eating for “entertainment.” This is such silly behavior, but it is learned behavior and can be reprogrammed. Now I compulsively keep to do lists. (I’ll take neuroticism for 300 please, Alex).

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