2 pounds down: slowly chipping away at my plateau

I weighed myself this morning. I was weighing myself every day, but it was messing with my head. So I’m back to only doing it once or twice per week.


I am now 174 pounds! I am determined to keep up this downward trend. I’ll post my progress once per week when I officially weigh myself.  I like to do it on Mondays, because it holds me accountable over the weekend when I am more likely to over indulge and exceed my max daily calorie limit. I limit myself to 1,280 calories per day. It seems really strict, but when I work out my max allowance increases to 1,500 or 1,600 based on how much I’ve exercised. I still try not to eat more than 1,600 even when I exercise. I know this is very restrictive, but it works for me. Counting calories gives me structure. If you haven’t noticed, I really crave structure. I’m not saying everyone should do what I do. I just know that in the past, I have been most successful with weight loss when I have counted calories. I know that I’ll need to do this even after I lose the weight to make sure I don’t gain it back. Maybe one day I’ll be able to stop, but I am not looking at it like a temporary strategy. I’ll be doing it as long as necessary in order for me to lose the weight and then maintain the weight loss. Those fat cells are unfortunately not going anywhere even after they shrink.


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