182…moving in the right direction

It has been a while friends! I have just started teaching for Chicago Public Schools and this has been a crazy week! I taught 3rd, 4th and 5th graders for the past 3 years, and this year I am teaching Kindergarten special education. WOW. I need to learn some new strategies, because young children are … Continue reading 182…moving in the right direction

Restlessness, routines, reflection and being reasonable

My life has settled down a little bit more. I am more fully moved in, I joined a gym I can walk to (I LOVE CHICAGO!), and I am more in control of what I'm eating again. I just feel like I need to really learn from my mistakes here. Restlessness I find myself wanting … Continue reading Restlessness, routines, reflection and being reasonable

Well that escalated quickly

So, here's my weight: I am disappointed, but also happy to have ammunition to use when people pressure me into doing things that I don't necessarily want to do like drinking, staying out super late, having a piece of pie, etc. I'm not blaming anyone, because my choices are┬ámy choices, but the next time someone … Continue reading Well that escalated quickly

175.5?! Let’s reflect on where it went sideways

You know on some level I'm vastly disappointed in myself for letting this happen, but in a purely scientific sense I'm just baffled. I know I ate A LOT but how is it that I gained 3.5 pounds in 2 days?? A pound is roughly equivalent to 3,500 calories. I don't think I ate that … Continue reading 175.5?! Let’s reflect on where it went sideways